Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting the website of the Parliamentarian.  This website, which will be updated throughout the year as needed, aims to provide valuable resources about the Rutgers University Student Assembly, including copies of its governing documents, official opinions of the Parliamentarian, and general resources about navigating debate procedures under Robert's Rules of Order.

The Parliamentarian is an internally elected position, selected by the Assembly after its annual spring reorganization and serves an integral component in managing the rules and procedures of the Assembly, which govern the Assembly as a whole, as well as its constituent boards, committees, caucuses, and offices.  Additionally, the Parliamentarian serves as a constitutional officer on the Executive Board, as well as a member of the Standing Committee on Internal Affairs.  The Parliamentarian generally plays a major part in any revisions to the Assembly's governing documents, the training of new members, and has (by custom) served as the Chair of the Committee on Election Appeals when the Parliamentarian has no direct stake in the election.  The Parliamentarian also advises the Assembly, its Presiding Officer — usually RUSA's President — during meetings, and the Executive Board on applicable rules and procedures, most often those rules which govern debate.

Moreover, certain miscellaneous tasks often fall under the purview of the Parliamentarian, including scheduling and coordinating meetings of the Assembly and its committees, managing part of the budget dedicated thereto under the auspices of the Treasurer, and working with the Secretary of the Assembly and the Chair of the Internal Affairs Committee in the maintenance of important records, including permanent legislation.  The Parliamentarian also works with the administrative advisors of RUSA, who are employees of the University, in managing certain internal functions of the Assembly.  Finally, as per a standing order of the Assembly, the Parliamentarian helps to manages pending amendments to resolutions and bills as they await consideration on the floor.

Perhaps the most visible of the above referenced responsibilities is the office holder's role in serving at the dais during meetings and working with the President to address the debate and motions made by members concerning pending legislation.  The Assembly's rules — regarding debate, general operations, elections and appointments to the Assembly and to internal offices — help ensure honesty, transparency, integrity, and legitimacy within student government.  As the primary voice of the students on campus-wide issues and throughout the University and to governmental bodies, and as as the body responsible for approving funding for most of the campus' student organizations, the Assembly serves an unarguably crucial role in improving the student experience at Rutgers.  Accordingly, the Assembly's rules ensure that all members are entitled to the same rights and privileges to express their opinions on the Assembly's business and to influence the operations of the Assembly through proposing new business — which is typically done through committees — and voting on proposals presented to the floor in the form of bills and resolutions.  The rules help ensure that the leadership is accountable to the Assembly, and that is Representatives are, in turn, accountable to their respective constituents.  Because it is the responsibility of every member of the Assembly to be sufficiently familiar with its rules, and because the Parliamentarian is the chief advisor on such rules and procedures, this website will hopefully serve as a vital tool to members of the Assembly, and interested members of the public, who wish to better familiarity with what RUSA is and how it works.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at parliamentarian.rusa  [-at-]  gmail.com.


Office of the RUSA Parliamentarian
Rutgers University Student Assembly