The Parliamentarian is tasked with both advising the presiding officer on the rules of debate, and providing clarity when necessary on the RUSA Constitution and Standing Rules.

The advisory power of the Parliamentarian, as established under the Constitution, is derived from Article II, Section 2.01, Sub-Section 2:
"The Parliamentarian shall advise, but not vote on the Executive Board, as a member ex-officio; he or she shall serve as a member ex-officio of the Internal Affairs Committee."

Such roles are further established under the Assembly's Standing Rules, Article XV, Section 5, Sub-Section (b):
"The RUSA Parliamentarian shall be responsible for interpreting the Constitution and these Standing Rules."

The Standing Rules further elaborates upon the process through which such opinions are rendered and who may submit questions for consideration and how.

It is the goal of the Parliamentarian to make such process accessible and transparent as possible in order to ensure general openness, accountability, and ensure that all members of the Assembly, and other interested stakeholders, be provided with the opportunity to review questions currently under consideration, provide commentary where applicable, and review all decisions made by the Parliamentarian.

This webpage is established to help provide the following services to any interested and eligible parties:

Additionally, members of the Assembly may request non-authoritative answers to questions concerning parliamentary procedure, similar to raising a point of parliamentary inquiry during an Assembly meeting.  Responses to such questions are not meant to serve as official interpretations, but rather to help provide increased communication between the Parliamentarian and members of the Assembly and thus help develop the members' knowledge of rules and procedures, especially concerning the process of debate under Robert's Rules.