The following archive details rulings made by the Parliamentarian that are currently on file and accessible by this office.  For pending questions or to provide comments (when permitted), please visit the Updates section.  All other interpretations related matters can be accessed by visiting the About Interpretations page.

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Opinions 2018-2019

 2019-03-06 S Terms of Office
 C,S Externally Elected Executive Positions
 2019-02-28-1 C Campus Residency Requirements
 2018-09-10 C,S Executive Board Membership Status
 C Committee Chairship Eligibility

Opinions 2017-2018

 2018-02-16 C
 Expenditure Caps (Elections Code)
 2018-01-23-2 C Governing Council Eligibility (relevant clauses amended out of Constitution)
 2018-01-23-1 C Class Year Vacancies
 2017-12-27 C Year Ruling
 2017-11-17     C     VP Qualifications
 2017-10-24     C,S     Impeachment Procedures
 2017-10-06 C     Presidential Requirements & Allocations Board Membership Status
 2017-08-30-2 C Organization Members Removal
 2017-08-30-1 C Expedited Removal
 Internal Affairs Requirements
 Voting Status of Ex-Officio Members
 Top 3 Voting Rights
 Student Affairs Committee Issues
 2017-04-16-1 C Elections Issues

*Document Key

 C Constitution
 S Standing Rules

Please note that all interpretations concern parts of the Constitution or the Standing Rules, or other governing documents where applicable, at the time when the request for an interpretation was submitted, unless otherwise noted.  As such, some of these opinions may no longer be applicable due to changes in the language of such authorities.  In some cases, this may be noted here.  However, interested parties should consult the most current version of the documents, and archived changes thereto, before acting upon any previous decisions.