If you would like to request a decision, please email the Parliamentarian at parliamentarian (dot) rusa  [at]  gmail (dot) com.

Please note that a request for a decision is a formal written interpretation on how the rules, in their current form, ought to be interpreted.  If you have a general question about the rules, you should submit a parliamentary inquiry instead.

The Standing Rules mandate that requests for decisions, unlike parliamentary inquiries, have a mandatory one week comment period after publication of notice.  Additionally, written opinions are only authoritative if they pertain to the Constitution of the Assembly; the Standing Rules, insofar as it does not impede the power of the Internal Affairs Committee to judge prima facie the Constitutionality of proposed amendments; or any other document which can be interpreted by the Parliamentarian, formally, and in the same mannor prescribed under the Assembly's Standing Rules.  The Elections Code, as an example, is not interpreted by the Parliamentarian through that capacity; it is interpreted by the Committee on Election Appeals.