Reference Materials

This page will serve as a home for reference materials that RUSA Members may find helpful.

References Regarding Rules
The following information pertains to rules which govern RUSA and, where applicable, its constituent committees and positions:
  • Constitution & Standing Rules
    • Previous versions of the Constitution and Standing Rules should be available on the Internal Affairs website.  However, while RUSA and its officers strive to maintain accurate records so as to best serve its members and the student body, not all records, especially early records, are readily available.
  • Robert's Rules of Order
    • The Assembly uses Robert's Rules in order to help govern its meetings.  More information is available under the "Robert's Rules of Order" page on this website.  The book itself is a good reference book.  While it is generally not necessary for members to purchase their own copies, the most current edition (RONR, 11th ed.) can be purchased from major retailers.  RUSA maintains its own copy of Robert's Rules, along with an abbreviated version, in the Executive Office.
Amendment Procedure
The Assembly abides by all applicable rules and procedures during debate.  The Assembly has previously adopted supplemental procedures to legislation and precedence to facilitate the process of moving amendments on the floor of the Assembly.
  • Generally, the Secretary shall make available a copy of all legislation on the docket, and voting members may draft amendments using the suggestion feature on Google Docs.  Individuals may draft such amendments directly onto the legislation as soon as it is released and up until the resolution is called to question (voted on), or where otherwise moved by the Assembly.  It should be noted, however, that while the amendments may appear on the document, they are not heard on the floor unless and until properly moved and seconded by voting members of the Assembly.
  • Additionally, the body adopted a special order which states that amendments shall be submitted through the Parliamentarian prior to it being considered, particularly for any substantive amendments.  While this has been coordinated through email previously, the above outlined procedures suffice this requirement, expedite the process, and allow for collaboration in real time.  As such, except where otherwise noted, amendment procedures will accord with the aforementioned procedure.
Archived Governing Documents and Other Records
The Secretary of the Assembly is the primary custodian of many records of the Assembly, including records of the Assembly's proceedings, such as minutes, agendas, and passed resolutions and bills.  Certain documents, especially governing documents, have been updated as various amendments pass, and those amendments typically apply to a limited number of sections.
  • Many official documents are made available on the Assembly's website and can be downloaded.
  • Current governing documents are made available on this website as well, updated as changes are made effective.
  • For a historical perspective on RUSA and student governance at Rutgers, a synopsis of the RUSA's history is available, and many other records are available through the University, its departments, and other governing bodies.
  • Previous governing documents and other information regarding past records of the Assembly are available here as well.  However, please note that the list of documents, including previous versions of governing documents, is in no way exhaustive.