Archived Documents

Actions of the Assembly

Many legislative items — resolutions, acts, and bills of the Assembly — can be viewed on the Assembly's website, along with previously adopted agendas and minutes.  It is important to note that the initial agendas often include legislation in the form in which they were originally presented to the Assembly.  The version reflected in the minutes may reflect amendments made by the Assembly, whether or not those changes are in line with the authors' intent.

Archived information related to the Assembly's proceedings which is not posted online should be in the custody of the Secretary of the Assembly, to whom interested parties should submit requests for records.  Please be advised, however, that due to the frequent turnover in the Assembly's leadership, some earlier records may be difficult to find, as they were created before many of the current policies and practices for better record retention were implemented.

The Chairs of the Assembly's Committees may have their own records of official business conducted by the Assembly.  Because the Assembly has final approval over legislation proposed by committees, as well as power over the acting powers of committees, most committee business should find its way into the Assembly's Archive.  However, interested parties are welcome to contact Committee Chairs for committee-specific records.  In accordance on the Standing Rules, which provides committees some latitude in creating internal offices and subcommittee structures, some record requests may be referred to a member other than the Chair.  However, the Chair will generally be responsible for reporting all committee business, some of which is summarized and reported to the Vice President.

Permanent Legislation Act of 2018

The "Permanent Legislation Act" (Assembly Bill F18-3, enacted on October 11, 2018) helps assist with the retention of records which have bearing on the actions of the Assembly from year to year.  While some actions of the Assembly convey a one-time opinion (usually in the form of a resolution) or make short-term appropriations (usually in the form of a bill), the Assembly sometimes enacts legislation which have long term effects, with which certain officers, committees, boards, and members are expected to comply.  This Act also repealed prior legislation, with certain exclusions, and declares that there will be a standard repository of permanent legislation, which is generally maintained by the Secretary of the Assembly in consultation with the Parliamentarian and the Chair of the Internal Affairs Committee.

Unless and until legislation is repealed by the Assembly, however, resolutions and bills which have been duly passed are in full effect.  For questions about legislation, or the Permanent Legislation Act, as amended and supplemented, you may submit an inquiry to the Parliamentarian.

Archived Governing Documents

The former Chairman of the Internal Affairs Committee has searched through various archives of the Assembly to recover and publish former governing documents of the Assembly.

Said documents can be viewed on the corresponding page of the I.A. website.